Frankie Weiss and Her Magic
A Letter of Love to Frankie

From the first time our eyes met that fateful day, November 27, 1997 , your “Magic” started my new life. I will not go into that now, it’s written throughout in the pages of this book. The book is a labor of love, spanning the years, describing our lives together. We had many more ups than downs. That first year, you and Johnnie were growing into maturity and I was getting a lesson in feline love and behavior.  I had much to learn about two frisky, energetic half-grown and beautiful cats who suddenly became my adopted children that helped me recharge a stilled spirit.

December 4, 1997 , when I opened the pet carrier and let you and your companion cat, Johnnie, into the living room of our home, the lonely and sad world I’d been living for the past six months, changed immediately. I now was a father, in the least, a Mr. Mom, having a family to take care of. I must admit, I was apprehensive; what did I know about taking care of a couple cats adopted that very special morning? You know what? It suddenly dawned on me the house would no longer echo with the stillness of being empty and lonely. Now, you two half-grown cats would be my new companions and responsibility in making sure you both were given every opportunity to grow into healthy, happy and loving felines.

The great writer, Hemingway said, “Write what you know.”   Following  Hemingway’s  advice,   about six years ago  I began writing vignettes regarding our association, “Frankie Weiss and Her Magic” came from those little pieces.  That was even before the removal of all your teeth and I want you to know the loss of your teeth never spoiled that beautiful feline face.

Your love for me is beyond question; and in the way you greet me when I open the door…non-cat people, maybe even those with cats, not as lucky as me, might think  I’m making this up. It makes no difference which door I come in from outside, upstairs or downstairs, you are already into your ritual of greeting me by wanting me to rub your exposed belly and beautiful head. Your need for my touch sends me through a galaxy of feelings that express my joy and good fortune in your closeness and happiness. I know many dogs that love their owners; you as a cat can never be owned, rather, I’m the person who keeps you. “A keeper” in the sense that your every need is taken care of to the best of my ability in showing my appreciation for being who you are: Frankie Weiss, my true love and the world’s most beautiful Calico.

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