Frankie Weiss and Her Magic

Chapter One: Love at First Sight

Frankie Weiss and Her Magic
Chapter One - Love at First Sight

It’s been five years, six months and some days since our eyes first met, locking in an embrace that spoke of “Love at First Sight” as we looked into each other’s soul. I’ve never heard of felines having souls or for that matter any animal other than the human being. Notwithstanding that thought, in my opinion, any living creature has a soul. Having a soul begets feelings, emotions, love, nurturing, hurt, depression and all the unexplainable things that go into the spirituality of that being. Cats do fit that description.

This little Calico cat with big black eyes rimmed yellow green stood looking at me in her cage as she captured my heart. Previously, when she turned around upon hearing me walk into the cage room her presence bespoke of a personality not common amongst the species of animal she represented. The way she cocked her beautiful head as our eyes first met; the way she stood looking at me, searching into my very being, the way her black, cinnamon tinged reddish, and white, furry tri-colors framed her small body put me into an overwhelming desire to take this intriguing Calico in my arms, to begin hugging and kissing her pretty head and telling her, “I love you.” However, I think she already knew we were to be soul mates ‘til death do us part.

Frankie, (I named her later) stood still relentlessly absorbed, kept looking into the eyes of her future adoptive Mr. Mom. I told the attendant I wanted her as my first choice; having gone to the Marlton Animal Hospital to adopt two cats, but this Calico really put me in a place where a father sees his newborn child for the first time. That’s the feeling I suppose all loving males go through when they become parents. It was a first time for me; my marriage had produced no children. This little five-month-old Calico cat instantly defined for me, a new role in life; I was to be a father to her. In the very least a Mr. Mom who took on the responsibility of her well-being and her future welfare with the hope of our sharing a long happy, loving and beneficial life together.

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