Frankie Weiss and Her Magic

Chapter Twelve: The End... For Now

Frankie Weiss and Her Magic
Chapter Twelve

Before starting to write this final chapter, I must relate one incident concerning Frankie that happened at 5:23 AM this morning. At that time, as usual, I was asleep on the right side of my body. Frankie jumps to the bed and with a paw pokes me in the left rib cage awakening me, I look at the digital clock with its red numerals atop the TV, knowing what Frankie wants (food), this cat knows I’m sleeping but that is no concern of hers, being hungry is. Slowly, I get out of bed, Frankie on the far end of the bed watching my every move, as soon as my feet touch the carpeted floor Frankie jumps off and runs to the kitchen where her food dish is kept.

Upon entering the kitchen, I notice her most precious toy, the bear, is lying next to her dish, Mr. Mom’s mind starts racing; is she bringing me a gift to thank me for feeding her - or is she trying to bribe me into doing her bidding? It is one of the mysteries in the mind of a cat that will never be solved. No matter if you spent a lifetime studying cat behavior and all its implications, like I said in a previous chapter of this story, “Let the mystery be; it’s better that way.” Cats are loving, beautiful animals, they were also created to be an enigma; you’ll never fully understand their motives and thoughts.

Needless to say, “Frankie got her food.”


Seven years in the life of an eighty-eight year old may not seem like a long time, especially when the adoption of two felines, made six and one-half years of that time so short, it seems like yesterday, that Frankie’s eyes met mine as she was in her cage waiting to be adopted, “Love at first sight” prevailed; the “Magic” had started.

Reading the first page of this “Magic” you know the world I lived in at that time suffered the loss of my wife, Evelyn, two weeks short of thirty-nine years of marriage. This world, the one of true love, mutual contentment, care, happiness and all its inherent benefits suddenly changed into a long six months of despair, loneliness, and sadly, many self–inflicted tears of pity in regards to my  loss.

If you read further, you know adopting Frankie and Johnnie were the second best things I ever did,  my marrying Evelyn was the first.  After emerging from a self-imposed loneliness, I now had two beautiful feline “children” to take care of and give them a home filled with all the good things they deserved and needed.

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