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The Innocent Priest

An innocent young priest is transferred to a small town for his first assignment. In addition to the local church, he is given responsibility for a convent. After meeting with the Mother Superior and getting a tour of the convent and church, he decides to get acquainted with the town by walking around.

Shortly after he stars his walk, he is approached by a young woman who says:

"How about a blow-job? Only $50."

Not really understanding the question, but suspecting sin is somehow involved, he ignores her. But further down the street he is approached by another good-looking woman. She too approaches him:

"Welcome to our town, Father. Do you want a blow job? $50."

The priest is stunned, and does not reply. But as he makes his way about town, the same offer is made to him four more times.

Finally he returns to the convent, innocently not knowing what to make of the experience. So he goes to the Mother Superior's office.

She asks him how his trip into town went. He replies:

"Well I found it very strange that several women approached me, and I could not deal with it. Perhaps you can help.

Please, just tell me - - what's a blow job?"

The Mother Superior took a long look at him, then leaned forward and whispered "$50, same as in town."